During 28 years with Winternitz, Inc., we are proud to have called the following companies clients.

Fabricating/Metalworking Industry

A T & T/Plastic Molding Div.
A&K Mold & Machining
A&M Pattern Model and Mold
A. Bardi Tool & Die, Inc.
A.P. Machine
Aaton’s Sheet Metal & Construction
ABC Mfg. & Foundry, Inc.
Absolute Screw Machine Products
Acc-u-Rite Die Mold
Ace Mold
Acme Eyelet & Stamping Co.
Action Mold, Inc.
Adams Engineering, Inc.
Adar Industries llc
Ade Precision Tool Company
Advanced Custom Technology
Advanced Process Supply Co.
AGM Inline Corporation
Agri-Chain Products, Inc.
Aircrafters Enterprises, Inc.
Alex Janows & Co.
Alexander’s City Auto Parts
All American Products
All American Tool
Allco Mfg. Co. Inc.
Allied Mechanical Ind, Inc.
Allied Transformer Co.
Allied Vent, Inc.
Alpana AluAluminum Fabr Machy & Equip
Amerequip Corporation
American Blow Pipe Company
American Design, Inc.
American Pressed Metal
American Safety Equip Corp.
Ammco Lifts
Anatol Automation Inc;
Anderson’s Fabr & Repair
Anodel Metal Finishing Inc.
Ansu Mfg.
Applied Automation and Controls
AQM Products
Arlington Tool Works, Inc.
Associated Fabricators
Assorted Alloys of Tennessee LLC
Astron Gear
Athletic Timer Corporation
Atlas Spring & Mfg
Atols Tool & Mold Corp.
August Tool
Austin Machine Works, Inc.
Auto Specialties Mfg Co.
Automation Technologies
B & B Machine Works, Inc.
B & J Machine & Tool, Inc.
Baley Enterprises
Ballek Die Mold, Inc.
Banner Grinding & Eng Inc.
Baron Blakeslee Inc.
Barron Machinery Co, Inc.
Bates Manufacturing
Bates Mfg.
Bell & Howell
Benton Harbor Engineering
Benton Harbor Screw
Bentson Industries, llc
Berger Tool Co.
Berico Industries Inc.
Berkley Small, Inc.
Berry Machine & Fabricating Company
Better Bilt Products, Inc.
Big B Screw Products
Big D Screw Products
Bogner Engineering Co.
Borg-Warner Automatic, Inc.
Bostrom Seating, Inc.
Braecor Engineering
Branham’s Machine & Engineering Inc.
Breidenbach Mfg. Co. Inc.
Brookfield Engine Rebuilders
Buckson Screw Machine Products, Inc.
Burke Tech International
Byness Mechanical
C & S Valve
C.M.I. Pdt Development Corp.
Cabinet Craft, Inc.
Cabinet Craft, Inc.
California Pellet Company
Case, J.I. (IL)
Case, J.I. (IN)
Catalytic Converter Refining
Centerless Production, Inc.
Central Die Casting and Manufacturing
Centurion Die Mold
Cerc Manufacturing
Chemetron Fire Systems, Inc.
Chicago Etching Corporation
Chicago Fabricators
Chicago Indl Mach & Tool Co.
Chicago Marine Containers, Inc.
Chicago Metalcraft Co
Chicago Precision Pdts, Inc.
Chicago Roller Skate Company
Chicago Vitreous Corporation
Chicago Wirecraft Products
Circle Tool & Mfg. Co.
Clarich Mold Corporation
Cleaner Corp Of America
Cline Tool
Clinton Furniture Mfg. Co. Inc.
CMP Stampings, Inc.
Cole Office Equipment
Cole Steel
Columbia Iron Works
Command Tool & Eng Corp.
Company in Paris, Il.
Concentric Machine
Consolidated Industries, Inc.
Continental Aluminum Pdts.
Control Products Corporation
Cook & Chick Co.
Cooper Industries
Copy-Rite Corporation
Cordomatic Division/Vacuum
Craig Metalcraft
Crane Company, The
Crest Machine Company
Crystal Lake Grinders Inc.
CSM Mechanical
Custom Pipe Organs
Customcraft Manufacturing Co.
D J Die Mold
D K Die Mold
David Brown Hydraulics
Davis Controls Corp.
Dawco Manufacturing Co.
Daytona Screw Machine Pdts Co
De Soto, Inc.
Demer Carbide Company, Inc.
Dexter Aerospace, Inc.
Dexter Machine Co.
Die & Engineering, Inc.
Die & Tool Co.
Dietzgen Corporation
Dietzgen Corporation
Di-matic Co.
DNS Precision
Do-Rite Manufacturing, Inc.
Dot-Lee Tool/ Engineering Co.
Du-All Screw Products
Duo Tool & Mfg Inc
Dye Mechanical, Inc.
Dynamic Die & Mold Corp.
Dynamic Displays, Inc.
Dynamic Metal Products, Inc.
E M Enterprises
E R I (Babcock – Wilcox) (1996)
E R I (Babcock – Wilcox) (1997)
E. R. I./Babcock – Wilcox (1)
E. R. I./Babcock – Wilcox (2)
E.P.I.C. Inc.
Easco Hand Tools
Economy Mechanical
Economy Mechanical Industries, Inc.

Ekstrom, Carlson & Co.
Ela Machine Co. d/b/a H & R Mfg.
Electran Mfg. Co.
Elston Sheet Metal Works
Emil Buck & Sons, Inc.
Encore Screw Machine Products Co.
Engineering Appliance Company
Entegral, Inc.
Eska Company, The
Esselte Pendaflex Corp.
Evco Associates
Excel Group, Inc., The
F & B Mfg. Co. (Gurnee, IL)
F & B Mfg. Co. (Phoenix, AZ)
F.J.Die, Mold & Stamping
F.M. Papan Tool & Mfg. Co.
Fairfield Manufacturing Co.
Famco Machine
Federal Valve & Fitting
Fentool Inc.
Fontaine Tool & Engineering
Fox River Pattern Inc.
Francisco J. Aguilar
Franklin Park Mold/Machine Co.
Freedman Seating Company
Free-Hand Metal Srvcs, Inc.
Fushion Fabricating
G&G Manufacturing Co.
G.E.C Industries
Gardiner Metal Co.
Garland Smith Engineering Co.
Gear Specialties Corp.
Gearex Fulton, Inc.
Gelkor Die Mold, Inc.
General Farebox
General Machining Works
General Metalcraft Co.
George C. James Company
George Stevens Company
Gichner Mobile Systems
Glenrod, Inc.
Goodman Conveyor Corp.
Goodwill Mfg.
Granst Industries Inc.
Grass Machine & Tool Corp.
Great American Tool & Mfg Co.
Great Lakes Grinding Co.
Great Lakes Machinery
Grosse Tool
H W Industries
H. Burch Machining
Hadady Corp.
Hadlock & Temte
Haines Company, The
Hamil Tool & Mfg. Co.
Hanson Industries Inc.
Hardy Ventilating Co.
Hawk Screw Machine Prdts Inc.
HBS Systems, Inc.
Hedstrom Corporation
Heick Die Casting
Heinze, MP Machine Co.
Heuer Machining Co.
Highway Products Inc.
Hillside Tool & Eng Co.
Hollymatic Corp.
HPL Illinois Inc.
Hut Tool & Mfg, Inc.
Hydronics Piping Corp.
IBG International
Ilex Optical Co. Inc.
ILG Industries Inc.
Imperial Die & Mold
Imperial Die Cutting & Electro/Plastics
Imperial Stamping & Engraving
Industrial Gear Works
Industrial Metallizing
Industrial Sheet Metal Works Inc
InlandMetal Fabricators
Interstate Mfg & Supply Co.
Intl Machine & Tool Works
ITW (Illinois Tool Works) (1)
ITW (Illinois Tool Works)(2)
J & R Precision Products
J J Grinding
James Electronics Inc.
Jaws Tool
Jensen Mechanical
Johnston-Tombigbee Furniture Mfg.
Joliet Tower & Tank Inc.
Joy Technologies
Junis Screw Machine Products
Just-Rite Tool & Mold Corp.
K M Mold Corporation
KAD Precision
Kawasaki Trading Co., Inc.
Keystone National Metal Fabricators
Klain Steel Supply, Inc.
Kohnke Tool & Mfg. Co.
Kolman’s Screw & Mfg. Co.
KTC Fasteners, Inc.
L D Screw
L.D. Anderson, Inc.
La Crosse Cooler Co, Inc.
Lasker Boiler & Eng Corp.
Lawndale Sheet Metal Co.
Lea Industries
Leco Manufacturing Company
Lenox Awards
Longbons Roofing/Sheet Mtl Co
Lott Tool & Die Co., Inc.
Lubriquip Div. Houdaille Ind.
Ludlow Screw Machine Pdts Co.
Lumalite Products Company
M/T Steele Service
Macc Precision Products
Machine Tool Rebuilders Inc.
Machined Metal Products
Machinery Rebuilders Inc.
Magnetic Radiation Laboratories, Inc.
Major Fasteners
Marathon Corporation
Markay Cutting Tools, Inc.
Masterline Tool
Mater Engineering Inc.
Mc Innis Systems
McMahon Brother Machine Workd
Mechanical Cutting
Mechanical Servants
Mercury Mold & Tool Co., Inc.
Merit Co., The
Merit Engineering
Metal Cabinet/Fabricating Co.
Metal Industries Inc.
Metal-Skill Corp.
Metra Tool & Mold
Micro Craft Inc.
Mid America Aerospace
Mid-Central Tool Co.
Mid-City Machine Corporation
Midstates Wire & Steel Co.
Mid-West Automated Dvcs, Inc.
Midwest Foundry
Midwest Industrial Metals
Midwest Tool/Metal Pdts Corp
Minnetonka Boatworks
Modern Machine Works
Monogram Industries, Inc.
Morgan Technology
Morgen Manufacturing
Morrill & Moeller, Inc.
Morton Tool, Inc.
Motif Designs Inc.
Moyer Company
MS Action Machinery Corp.
Murray Electric
National Bus Parts Mfg. Inc.
National Cabinet Corp.
Nestor Johnson Mfg. Co.
Newell Window Furnishings
Nieman Industries, Inc.

NL Tool, Inc.
Nordheim Industries, Inc.
Northern Telecom, Inc.
Northern Tool Corp.
Northland Ventilating Corp.
Norwood Company, The
Nova Tool & Mold Inc.
Ohio Washer Co.
Omega Mold & Tool Inc.
Omni Mold Co.
P T A Corporation
P.J. Associates
P.R.I. Sound Control, Inc.
Pacific Precision Pdts, Inc.
Package Machy Corporation
Page Engineering Co.
Paine Co., The
Palmark Corp.
Panduit Corp.
Paragon Die Casting
Paragon Spring & Stamping
Par-May Wood Products
Pathfinder Auto Lamp Co.
Pentagon Tool & Mfg. Co.
Perfection Mold & Die
Perfection Screw Prdts. Co. Inc.
Peterson Enterprises, Inc.
Phoenix Machine Works
Piper Metal Fabricating
Pittsburgh-Des Moines Corp.
Portage Machine/Tool Co, Inc.
Precise Molding Dies & Mfg. Inc.
Precision Metal Workers Co Inc.
Precision Prototype & Mfg Co.
Prince Industries (Screw Machy Dept.)
Progressive Woodworks
Prompt Mold Corporation
Prospect Die & Tool Inc.
Protective Systems Co.
Pullman Construction Ind Inc.
Pulver Industrial Inc.
Quality Metal
Quality Punch Company
Qual-Tech, Inc. dba Mag Prdts., Inc.
R & J Stampings Co. Ltd.
R R & M LTD. Formerly Associated Metal MFG. CO.
R.C.H. Tool Corporation
R.P.M. Precision Mfg. Co.
Ra-co Manufacturing Co.
Rama Display
RDT Industries, Inc.
Rebko Industries Inc.
Reed Division Of
Regal Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
Reiger, Inc.
Reliable Sheet Metal Works
Reliance Elevator
Rice Engineering, Inc.
Rice Machining Co.
Richard Bros. Punch Co.
Richardson Bros. Co.
Richmond Tool, Inc.
Ring Mfg. Co.
Riva Corporation
RNW Machining Co.
Robert Stage Electric Motor Repair/Sales
Rogak, Inc.
Roselle Tool
Rosman Iron Works, Inc.
Ruby Tool & Die Co., Inc.
S C & F Custom Machine Co.
S.A.W. Tooling Co & Avix Inc.
S.W. Becker Industries, Inc.
Schuld Mfg Co., Inc. (WI & PA)
Screw Craft Products
Screw Machine Products
Seasontite Engineering Co.
SemiConductor Specialists, Inc.
Service Screw Co., Inc.
Service Screw Co., Inc.
Sheaco Engineering Inc.
Sheet Metal Machy & Inv.
Shore Industries, Inc.
Siemens Energy/Automation Inc. (LA)
Siemens Energy/Automation Inc. (OH)
Siemens Energy/Automation Inc. (TX)
Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.
Silgan Containers Corporation
Simmons Company
Sirjan Mold And Tool Co.
SMF Inc.
Snyder Specialty, Inc.
Sound Enhancements Inc.
Spanjer Bros. Inc.
Spectrum Products
Spra-Con Co., The
St. Charles Manufacturing
Stamping Development Inc.
Sterling Iron Works, Inc.
STK Tool & Manufacturing Co.
Stolle Precision Tool Co.
Stroebel Enterprises
Superior Screww Machine Products Inc.
Swanbro Corporation
Swen’s Tool & Mold, Inc.
T.L. Smith Co.
Teams, Inc.
The Fashion Bed Group
The Reese Group, Inc.
Thermatool-Lemont or T & H Lemont
Thermo Dynamics, Inc.
Thomas Precision Products
Timberlyne Cabinet Company
Top Tool Mfg. Co., Inc.
Toros Machine/Engineering
Trend Die & Mold
Triangle Home Products
Tru-Kut Door Corp.
Tru-Turn, Inc.
ULM Specialties Tool
United Air Cleaner/TDC
United Die Mold, Inc.
United Title;Empire Title; Gurtz
United Twist Drill
Universal Pattern Works, Inc.
Utah Agricorp, Inc.
Valley Machine Products, Inc.
Valoti Die & Mold
Van Aken Hydraulics
VCE, Inc.
Victor Screw & Bolt Corp.
Village Mold
W M Mold & Tool
W S Holmes & Co., Inc.
W.Q. Lundmark Inc.
Wagner, R.L. & Sons, Inc.
Wallace Herdlein & Associates
Waltz Bros. Inc.
Waukesha Cutting Tools, Inc.
Wehnert Mold & Tooling
Werner Industries, Inc.
Willcox Welding
Wille Tool Corp.
Wilson Steel & Wire
Wood Bros. Steel Stamping Co.
Woodrow Corporation
Woodworkers Tool Works
World Generator
Worth Steel & Machinery, Inc.
Wrought Washer Mfg. Inc.
Xonics Medical Systems, Inc.
Yaun Welding & Machine Works
York Tool & Mfg. Co.
Young Metal Products
Zenith Screen Machine Prdts
Zinkcraft Products Co.
Zrelinski Eng & Mfg Co, Inc.

Woodworking Industry

Acme Furniture Manufacturing
All Wood Products Mfg.
Altamil Cabinet Co.
AMD Industries, Inc.
American Cabinet Co. (Arkansas)
American Cabinet Co. (Kansas)
American Cabinet, Inc.
American Case Co.
American Drew
American Furniture Co.
American Of Martinsville
American Quality Mfg. Inc.
American Wicker & Wood
American Woodwright, Inc.
Amstore Corp.
Amyx Manufacturing
Anderson-Tully Co.
Andrew Malcolm Furniture Co.
Anson & Gilkey Co., Inc.
Appalachian Chair
Architectural Millwork
Architectural Walls
Architectural Woodwork
Arizona Woodcraft
Artistic Furniture Mfg.
Artistic Woodworking, Inc.
August Lotz
Aztec Woodcraft
Badger Wood Products
Bascom Church Furniture
Basic Wood Products
Bassett Furniture Industries
Baxter Manufacturing
Beals, Thomas P.
Bear Creek Furniture
Bell LumberBelvedere Co.
Bennett Box & Pallet Co.
Bennington Newport
Bent, George B. Co.
Bernhardt Industries
Better Built Wood Products
Bishop Of Lebanon
Blalock Lumber Co.
Bloom, Alfred Co.
Boise Cascade Corp.
Boise Southern Co.
Boos Indiana Wood
Boro Wood Products
Bristol Door & Lumber
Brothers Two & Assoc.
Brower Company
Brown Furniture Mfg.
Brown Wood
Broyhill West
Bruce, E.L. Co.
Burlington Furniture
Burlington Real Estate
Butler Specialty Company
Caddo Door & Veneer
Cambria Chair
Camden Furniture
Cape Craftsman
Capital Industrial Fabricators
Care Free – Windows Division
Carolina Moulding
Carolina Panel Co.
Carrollton Cabinet Co. Inc.
Champion Wood Products
Chardon Company
Charter Group
Chetek Furniture Co.
Churchill Cabinet
Classic Furniture Co.
Coco Millwork & Supply
Collingwood Furniture Co.
Columbia Forest Products
Columbia Manufacturing Co.
Conway Manufacturing
Cox Woodworks
Creative Woodworking
Cue Master
Cumberland Wood & Chair Corp.
Curtis Corporation
Cushions Are Us
Davis Company, The
Daystrom Furniture (A Ladd Co.)
De Soto, Inc.
Dekalb Precision Industries
Del-Mar Wood Products Inc.
Delta Millwork Inc.
Dent Moulding, Ltd.
Desert Oak Mfg.
Dexter D. Hulsart
Directors Chair
Display Works, Inc.
Dixon Powdermaker
DMI Furniture, Inc.
Dorann Woodworking Corp.
Douglas Furniture Co.
Duchess Furniture
Durik, Inc.
Easco Products, Inc.
El Dorado Mfg. Corp.
Elder Davis, Inc.
Elgin Wood Products
Elliot And Company, Inc.
Empire Wood Carving Co.
Encore Screw Machine Prdts. Co.
F & M Corporation
F & R Wood Products, Inc.
Fabricon Corporation
Falcon Industries
Falcon Products, Inc.
Foreign & Domestic
Form Corporation
Forsythe Mfg. Co.
Foster Mc David Inc.
Fox Mfg. Co.
Fruehauf Corp.

Functional Furniture
Furniture Craftsman, Inc.
Garland Moulding & Lumber Corp.
General Plywood Corporation
General Woodworker
Glenmar Door Mfg. Co.
Gold Coast Products Intl
Gragg Cabinet Company, The
Grant Cabinet Company
Green River Chair Company, The
H.J. Scheirich Company
Hammett, J.L. Co., Inc.
Hardwood Products
Harrison-Ward Furniture, Inc.
Heath Pallet Company
Herman Miller, Inc.
Hesco Industries
Heywood-Wakefield Company, The
Hitchcock Chair Company
Hohmeier Mill
Holabird Co., The
Holly Inc.
Hoosier Panel Co., Inc., The
Horner Manufacturing, Inc.
Howard Furniture Mfg. Co.
Hunt Windows
Ideal Company
Illinois Moulding Co.
Industrial Forest Products
Industrial Pattern Works
Industrial WW & Supply Inc.
Inland Scholz Housing Systems
Inter M Corporation
International Tables
Intrex Corporation
Ivey Enterprises Inc.
J.A. Woodcraft Ltd.
J.H. Monteath Co.
J.J. Lane Manufacturing Co.
Jasper Dimension Plus, Inc.
Jay Gee Wood Prdts Co. Inc.
Jefferson Woodworking Co.
Joseph Lumber Co.
K & S Mfg. Co., Inc.
Kanesville Furniture
Kansas City Plywood Co.
Karel Co., Inc.
Kemp Furniture Industries
Kerr-Ban Furniture Mfg. Co.
Khoury Furniture Co.
Kimball International
Kittinger Co., The
Knaggen Inc.
Kroehler Corp.
Kroehler Mfg. Co.
KRT, Inc.
L&M Custom Woodworking
L.A. Period Furniture Co.
L.A. Period Furniture Co.
Ladd Furniture, Inc.
Lake Erie Door Co.
Lan-Cay, Inc.
Lenc-Smith, Inc
Lennon Wallpaper
Lexington Home Brands
Logcutter Industries, Inc.
M & M Wood Products
Macor Ind., Inc.
Macor Stairs, Inc.
Magruder Millwork
Majestic Wood Products
Mannington Floors
Ma-No, Inc.
Maracini & Sons
Marion Plywood Corp.
Martin Dimension
Masonite Corporation
Mc Chain Company
Mc Crills, R.F., Inc.
Melmar Corporation
Memphis Furniture Company
Memphis Moldings, Inc.
Mersman/Waldron/Somers Corp.
Midwest Millwork
Midwest Precision Grinding
Midwest Veneer, Inc.
Mielach Woodwork Midwest, Inc.
Miller Contract Supply Inc.
Miller Mfg. Co., Inc.
Miller’s Woodwork
Millwork Specialties Co.
Mirro Marine Corp.
Mission Furniture Mfg. Co.
Mississippi Woodcrafters, Inc. Montalbano Inc.
Morgan Products Ltd.
Moulding, Inc.
Moultrie Postform
Mt. Airy Furniture Company
Naco Of Alabama
Nadtech Components
National Furniture Co.
North American Furniture Products
North End Cabinet
Northcut Woodworks, Inc.
Northern Moulding
Northwest Millwork & Design Ltd.
Norwood Lumber Co.
O’Sullivan Industries
Ohio Parlor Furniture Co.
Ohio Seat Company
Oklahoma Furniture Mfg. Co.
Osage Products Co.
Owens Flooring
Oxford Ltd.
Paine Lumber Co.
Palatine Tool and Mold
Pan American Gyro-Tex Co.
Parks Wood Products
Parkway Dimensional & Lumber Co.
Pat Higdon Industries

Patrick Door-Phoenix
Penn Table, Inc.
Peterson Furniture Industries
Ply-Fab, Inc.
Precision Craft Ltd.
Precision Woodworks
Prest Enterprises, Inc.
Prest Manufacturing Co.
Probuilt Mfg.
Professional Cabinets Inc.
Professional Wash & Finishing Group
Progressive Design Products, Inc.
Progressive Woodworks, Inc.
Pulaski Furniture Corporation
Quaker Maid
Quality Furniture Company
R & W Post Company
Rama Display
Ravenwood Industries
Red Lion Woodcraft Inc.
Regalwood Industries
Regency Furniture
Reserve Supply Corp.
Revington & Company
Rocket Manufacturing Co.
Rollingswood Classic Furn.
S.E. Overton Co.
Schnadig Corporation
Schoolfield Furniture Ind.
Schwab, A.H. Co.
Sculptured Wood Inc.
Sea Breeze Manufacturing
Sensenich Corporation
Sermeter Co., Inc.
Shaw Manufacturing Co.
Sheridan Furniture
Sidler Brothers Furniture Inc.
Signature Industries, Inc.
Sikeston Woodworking Co.
Silvestri Display
Singer Co., The (ARK)
Singer Co., The (GA)
Singer Furniture Co. (MS)
Singer Furniture Co. (NC)
Southern Fabricators
Southwest Door Manufacturers
Southwest Machine & Supply, Inc.
Spanjer Bros.
Sparta Mfg.
Sparta Spoke Factory, Inc.
Spartan Saw Works
Sprague & Carleton Co., Inc.
St. Charles Companies
St. Croix Mfg. Co.
St. Johns, Inc.
Stanley Furniture Company
Stanwood Corporation
Star Lazer Inc.
Starka Industries, Inc.
Stilley Plywood, Inc.
Strassheim, Inc.
Stuhr Enterprises
Stultz Mfg Co.
Swea Millwork Co.
System Seating, Inc.
Talon Forest Product
Taylor-Ramsey Furniture
Tewksbury Wood Products
Thayer Coggin, Inc.
Thomasville Furn. Ind. Inc.
Thonet Industries, Inc.
Thorian Leasing Co.
Three Mountaineers, Inc.
Tomco Studs Company, Inc.
Topnotch Woodwork
Trimco Cabinets
Trogdon Furniture Co.
Trusso Mfg.
Tyndale Inc.
U.S. Wood Products
Union Furniture
Unique Custom Store Fixtures Ltd.
Uniquip Division
United Stairs (Excel)
University Casework Systems, Inc.
V/B Williams Furniture Co.
Veneer Inc.
Vernon’s Antiques & Reproductions, Inc.
Villa Mfg., Inc.
Vista Tool
W.A. Getzel
Wabash Millwork Division
Walled Lake Door Company, The
Water Bed Frame Co., Inc.
Weaver Manufacturing Co.
Wellcor/Custom Craft Mfg. Co.
Wells-Gardner Elect. Corp.
West Coast Plywood
West Industries, Inc.
White Of Mebane
Williams Furn & United Globe
Williams Pallet Co.
Wimbush Furniture Corporation
Wisconsin Automated Machinery
Wm. Bassett Furniture Woodcrafters
Wood-Arts Plas Clad, Inc.
Woodparts International
Woodtek Mfg. Corp,.
Woodworking Corp of America
Woodworking Internet Auction
Wurlitzer Company, The
Yazoo Enterprises
Yield House
Young Manufacturing Company
Zenith Audio Div.

Printing Industry

3M Plastics Products
A.M. Steigerwald Company
A-1 Direct Marketing
A-1 Direct Marketing Services
Able Bindery
Alen Printing Corporation
American Printers & Lithographers
ASAP Mail Service, Inc.
Austin Hennon Bindery, Inc.
Balta Printers & Lithographers, Inc.
Barton Printing
Becktold Co.
Bee Bindery
Bland Printing Co.
Brock & Rankin
Central Envelope/Litho Co.
Central Paper Box
Chicago Etching Corporation
Chicago Show Printing Co.
Chicago Vitreous Corporation
Commerce Clearing House, Inc. (Chgo)
Commerce Clearing House, Inc. (NJ)
Commercial Envelope Corp.
Consolidated International
Consolidated Press, Inc.
Creative Silkscreen
Excello Press, Inc.
Falcon Enterprise
Fine Arts Printing Co.
First Impressions Ptrs & Lithographers

Flyer Graphics
Fordan Press
Fox Press
Franklin Offset Litho Company
General Mailing Srvcs & Sales Co.
George Seelman & Son Co.
Gibbs-Inman Company
Hartland Bindery
Heidelberg, U.S.A.
Jack Bryant & Associates, Inc.
Jackson Press
Jaymen Preses
John V. Lucas Co., Inc.
Johnson-Lindroth, Inc.
Judi Jones Graphics, Inc.
Kowa Printing
Larco International
Le Febvre Intergraphics
Lithocolor Printing Corporation
Logan Printing
McQuillan, Peter L. Co. Inc.
Merit Mark, Inc.
Midwest Envelope Company
Modern Album Of Indiana
National Association of Realtors
National Press
Neiman Loose Leaf Pdts Co.
Newport Press, Inc.
Northern Display, Inc.

Pace Graphics, Inc.
Paper Customizing Company
Peerless Cartons
Perfect Impressions Printing, Inc.
PG Printing Group, Inc.
Pressure Graphics, Inc.
Prestige Graphics
Print Shack
Progressive Typographers Inc.
PTI Industry
Raguard Printing
Reliable Paper Co.
Robert Claire Printing
Robert Silverman, Inc.
Seaboard Carton
Spiner-Marshall Company
Success, Inc.
Sudden Service Mounting & Finishing Inc.
The Huey Company
Trade Finishing Srvcs, Inc.
Trade Service Typesetting Co.
Viking Enterprises Corp.
Vision Art, Inc.
Walgreens In-House Printing
Weber Graphics Corporation
Willard Graphics

Food Chemical Industry

Adheron Coatings Corporation
Allen Bottling Co.
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Buring Co./dba/Frey Meats
CCL Custom Mfg., Inc.
Chas. Hollenbach, Inc.
Chicago Almond
Cole’s Bakery
Fontana Foods Co.
Hysan Corporation
Kraft Foods

Madison Equipment
Merlen Foods
Mexican Foods, Inc.
Michigan Mushroom Growers
NDI Warehouse (Olmarc Pkg.)
Poultry Packers, Inc.
Quaker Oats (CA)
Quaker Oats (IA-Surplus)
Quaker Oats (MO)
Quaker Oats (NC)
Quaker Oats (PA)
Qualitech, Inc.

RC Cola
Romance Foods
Rosos Chemical
Schering – Plough
Soft Sheen Products, Inc.
Stewart PMC
Sunstar Laboratories, Inc.
Superior Cosmetics /dba/Evron Ind.
Tiro Industries, Inc.
Williamson Adhesives

Audio/Video & Electronics Industry

Aetna Electric Co. Machinery
Allied Transformer
Breeze Transportation
Challenger Mfg. Co.
Diamond Home Services, Inc.
Digital Communications Tech Corp.
GTE Electronics
Harold Johns
James Electronics
JMS Associates
Mold Tech Electronics
National Precision Circuits and Electronics
Omni Circuits
Peak Image
Printed Circuit Board Mfg.
PRS Recording Studio
Video Equip/Mc Henry Savings Bank
Viktron LP

Specialty Paper Products Industry

Acepak, Inc.
Apex Box
C.A. Reed Co., Inc.
Dyno Merchandise
Morgan Container
Paper Customizing

Optical Industry

FJW Industries, Inc.
FJW Optical Systems
Ilex Optical

Computer/Office Furniture & Equip.

Advanced Schools, Inc.
Beeline Fashions, Inc.
Tenney Sales, Inc.

Other Industries

/aka/ Energy Connections
Anderson Recycling
Automotive Technical Inst.
Aztec Technology Partners, Inc.
Bob Ray and Associates
Breeze Transportation
Centex Homes
Citda (1993 & 1998)
Com/Energy Technologies Inc.
Crane Construction Co., Inc.
Crane Machinery Movers
Crossroads Construction, Inc.D&L Roads
Diamond Homes
European Tree Experts
Excelsior Foundry Co.
Ferroslag/Div. Spang Ind.
Harold L. Emling & Sons
Helene Curtis
Lake Carey Construction
Leslie Oldsmobile

Metalmaker, Inc.
Municipal Auto
Over-Nite Motor Service, Inc.
Roach Of Madison, Inc.
Schuster Equipment
Semford Contracting Company.
Semford Management Corp.
Sun Cadillac
Supreme Tire
Szabo Contracting, Inc.
To-Am Equip Co. Inc. (1997 & 1999)
Tri-Miller Express
V&M Cartage, Inc.
Van Drunen Lumber & Supply
Walgreen Co.
Wigglesworth Saab
Wil-Fred’s Construction
Wise Industries, Inc.

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